Monday, September 8, 2008

iPhone3GUnlock:Mockup of new iTunes 8.0 interface published

With the iTunes 8.0 reports receiving support over the weekend,'s Kevin Rose has gone on to publish an interface mockup of the new media cataloging software now expected for release this week.

From the interface, the old version iTunes left bar rename Smart playlists to Genius Playlists.Genius Playlistsfeature would be able to generate a playlist based on the qualities of a selected song, giving a Pandora-like experience with your own music library. This, however, remains unconfirmed and is published for interest only .While a new Genius sidebar on the right-hand side of the application will recommend music from the iTunes Store that a user doesn't already own.

iTunes 8 aslo provide 3 view mode ,though instead of List, List with Artwork, and Cover Flow, version 8.0 will offer List, Grid, and Cover Flow. Grid view will display album covers in an aligned matrix and offer playback controls via mouse-over.

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