Thursday, September 18, 2008

iphone 3G unlock:DIY-marco photography

Macro shots of the iphone.As for how to do it, only a simple step DIY can do it.Even you and i also can do.


1. Remove a lens from a spoil camera.
2. double-sided adhesive.
Cost: 0 USD.
Time consuming: 2 minutes.
How long you will pleasure: a full day.

How to make it:

Use double-sided adhesive paste in the edge of the lens, and then paste it onto the iphone camera,become an interim lens.I still working on the better way and sure will share with you.

According to a different lens, Macro will be different.We mustkeep trying for best work.Spend a few minutes, so you will get more understand with your iphone camera.

These are few sample, although not the flavor of professional photography, but at least you will satisfy for it.
I will wait for you for more awesome work.

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