Saturday, September 20, 2008

iphone 3G unlock:FlyCast.Mobile 1.2 crack

The FlyCast native app includes features never before available in broadcast listening, including: pause live on all stations, song skipping on certain webcasts, StreamAheadTM, which allows users to continue to listen to a station even during extended periods without a connection, and Top of the HourTM, which allows latecomers to jump to the beginning of talk radio shows. Other new features include an embedded web browser, allowing users to surf the web while listening to their favorite station, background play and battery saver modes, a connection speed identifier, and the ability to play any of over 25,000 stations in the Shoutcast directory.

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You can also pre-set your favorite stations, search for stations that play a particular artist the most, review songs that you listened to recently, and have the ability to purchase those songs directly to your iPhone/Touch directly from iTunes. Settings allow you to launch stations in background mode, use a "battery saver" mode, and re-launch your last station when you launch the app. Background play mode allows users to perform other tasks on the device, like reading email, text messaging and playing games while their favorite station continues to play. Album cover art, artist info and song title are displayed, when available, during song playback. The FlyCast Mobile Network deploys a QoS (Quality of Server) software component to its broadcast partners and their stream hosting providers to ensure a high quality streaming experience.

Access to the FlyCast Mobile Broadcast Network is completely free.

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