Friday, August 15, 2008

No guarantee- unlocks the iphone 3g including 3g data

Again, , They claimed that is the first company to unlock the iphone 3g.

ANY-NETWORK have just announced that all there unlocking cards now support 3G data access and DO NOT drop the signal like rebelsimcard, yessim and turbosim devices do. ----Will see!

There are pointless that didn’t support 3g access 3G while using a unlock 3G iphone which unlock by rebelsimcard, yessim , turbosim and so on.

Hope the card from Any-Network is the real thing!

* Works out of the box with any phone.
* 100% tested with Apple iPhone 3G.
* Allows your phone to use 3g data as normal.
* No dropped signal or having to swap sim from phone to phone.
* Works with all networks including 3.
* Easy to use & hassle free.
* No warranty void.
* No breach of contract with Service Provider.

they also claim:

* This is the only way you can unlock the iphone 3g and also have 3g data working
* You can not unlock an iphone 3g at all via software solutions.
* They are the only solution which fully unlocks your iphone 3g to use on any network (worldwide) and also use 3g data as normal with no drop of signal or having to swap simcards like you have to with turbosim, yessim or rebelsimcard devices .

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Roger said...

It does work , No problems at all. Just make sure you get the new version of sim

baktou said...

Glad to know at least 1 sim-unlock work.But probably how much it cost?