Friday, August 1, 2008

iPhone 3G-20 steps to "Hack" into it

Here show (in nearly sickening detail) the internals of the new iPhone 3G and how to safely reach them in 20 easy steps.


  • Tools required:
  • Small Phillips Screw Driver
  • Small Flathead or exacto razor
  • Safe Open Tool
  • Gather all neccesary tools and place your iPhone 3G on a clean flat surface, use a soft cloth or towel to place under it.

    Take a look at the iPhone 3G in all its shiny glory!

    Step 1
    Begin by removing the sim tray, using the included sim card removal tool (or a paperclip if you've lost the tool.)

    Step 2

    Holding your device on end you will notice two small screws on either side of the dock. These screws must be removed in order to open the case.

    Step 3

    Insert a small thin tool between the chrome ring and front panel glass directly above one of the screw holes. You will need to exert a small amount of pressure to seperate the display from the back panel.

    Step 4

    Lift the panel up from the dock end being careful not to tear or break any ribbons connected near the other end.

    Step 5

    Unplug ribbons 1 and 2 by lifting them from the main board. Under ribbon 2 you will need to find and unclip ribbon 3, then carefully remove the display assembly.

    Step 6

    Remove the seven screws circled in red. Note: One screw is located under the DO NOT REMOVE sticker

    Step 7

    Unplug ribbon 4.

    Step 8

    Llift the mother board out taking note of the camera which is still connected to the underside of the board. You will need to unplug the ribbon circled in red.

    Step 9

    Place the mother board to the side.

    Step 10

    Use the attached tab to pull up on the battery, there is a mild adhesive on the back side, so it will take a bit of force.

    Step 11

    Remove the screw circled in red

    Step 12

    Carefully remove the camera

    Step 13

    Remove the nine screws circled in red

    Step 14

    Remove the headphone jack and attached flex cable.

    Step 15

    Remove the speaker assembly which also contains the dock connector, antennae and home button as well

    Step 16

    Remove the 2 screws circled in red

    Step 17

    Place the vibrator assembly to the side

    Step 18 - Back to the Front Half

    Remove the 2 screws circled in red. You will find 3 screws on the opposite side which must be removed as well.

    Step 19

    Lift the LCD free from the front panel glass.

    Step 20 - Finished

    Pictured is every component inside the iPhone 3G.

    Under the Hood - Apple iPhone 3G exposed!

    Top Main Board

    Pictured is every component inside the iPhone 3G labeled and noted precisely. Thanks to Semiconductor Insights

    Bottom Main Board

    Pictured are chips responsible for Bluetooth, and Flash memory on board.

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