Monday, August 25, 2008

iPhone 3G unlock:Version 2 sim-unlock from

New features in Ver.2
# No need to cut your simcard.
# No more dropped signal.
# Full 3g data support

Only solution to unlocking the iPhone 3g so you can use it with any network in any country worldwide.How it work?Just simply place the device in your iphone tray with your simcard on top and slide it into the iphone.

Other Features
* Works out of the box. 100% tested with Apple iPhone 3G.
* Allows your phone to use 3g data as normal.
* No dropped signal or having to swap sim from phone to phone.
* Works with all networks worldwide including 3.
* No need to cut simcard
* Update, as normal via itunes when new software releases come out without the
need to unlock again.
* Use your iphone as normal, apps store, gps …. all works as normal.
* No warranty void with apple or breach of contract with Service Provider.

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