Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dutch unlocked iPhone site Scam for €700,000

A Dutch online reseller who promised customers "sim-unlock iPhones 3G has apparently gone missing, leaving coworkers bemused and hundreds of angry consumers a total of €700,000 in the hole.

In Netherlands the iPhone 3G can only be ordered through T-Mobile along with a two year-subscription. The phone is locked, and can't be used with other operators.
The iPhonehelpdesk website just before the launch of the 3G iPhone in early July, promising fully working sim-unlock iphones.

The company said it had secured a small batch of 3G iPhones. It was deluged with orders and many customers paid up to confirm their order. Then reported a serious delay, and angry customers began to demand answers.

After that,phone numbers were then shut down, no reply from mails and the website suddenly disappeared.Customers are fuming over the alleged scam. Some customers say they did get an iPhone, but these were first-generation locked iPhones from the US.

Currently,the Dutch police are investigating the scamer and believed to have fled to Russia, where his girlfriend lives.

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