Monday, October 20, 2008

iphone 3g unlock:iPhone3G (2.1) craked ipa

Here is my some crack ipa collection and i would like to share.Before you do that,made sure you have jailbreak you device first.

QQ 1.0.ipa (1.33 MB) QQ (v1.1).zip (1.17 MB)

Fring.ipa (2.83 MB)

iGeoCacher (v1.0.4).ipa (430.63 KB)

Earthscape Basic1.0.ipa (8.08 MB)

Speedometer (v1.1).ipa (531.98 KB)

G-Spot (v1.0).ipa (174.29 KB)

AirCam (v1.0).ipa (110.18 KB)

Pianist (v1.0).zip (6.92 MB)

Air_Sharing_(v1.0.1).ipa (1.05 MB)

ALevel1.1.ipa (466.98 KB)

Banner (v1.1).ipa (140.42 KB)

Fizz Weather (v1.0).ipa (1.45 MB)

TouchScan.ipa (883.6 KB)
Lumina.ipa (1.17 MB)

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