Thursday, October 2, 2008

iphone 3g unlock:Flash coming to the iPhone???

Adobe’s senior director of engineering told attendees at the company’s Flash on the Beach conference in Brighton, England on Tuesday that Adobe is working on a version of the Flash Player for the iPhone.

Aside from the seemingly perpetual lack of copy/paste, MMS, and video recording on Apple’s iPhone, support for Flash content is another important and yet missing feature.

Mobile Safari may be the most advanced mobile web browser ever created to date, but its lack of support for Flash, even if the built-in YouTube player makes up for it a bit, somehow drags it down.

Adobe has been committed to bringing Flash to the iPhone for some time. But since Apple has the ultimate say on whether or not to allow the Flash Player on the iPhone, and Apple CEO Steve Jobs told shareholders earlier this year that he didn't think the current player is good enough for the iPhone, the situation is still up in the air. But Betlem added that once Apple gives its approval, Adobe will have the player ready in a very short time.

Flash support is one of the major features still missing from the iPhone. Without it, users are unable to completely recreate the desktop Web experience on an iPhone.

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