Monday, October 6, 2008

iGeoCacher 1.02

It features local storage of cache data in a built in SQLite DB which makes it possible for iPod Touch owners to join the fun and complete integration with the built in GPS for 3G phones.

The web app will continue to be available for any that may be using it with pre 2.0 iPhones or even other mobile devices so have no fear. Existing web app users will find their existing cache database will transfer seamlessly to the new software as well.
The iGeocacher is a small application that allows me (and you) to parse the data in a set of geocaching files in .loc or .gpx format and then display them via a web application in the safari browser on your iPhone. The lat/lon coordinates are coupled to the Google maps function so that you just touch the icon or link on the desired target and you'll see it depicted on Google maps. Just touch the directions button and get detailed driving instructions to your waypoint

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